Tonner Dolls: Bianca Lapin and Spring Flowers Ballerina

Two new Tonners joined the tribe last week. Spring Flowers is my first and only Tonner Ballerina. I've admired this line from the beginning. I won her in an auction at the Center City Doll Club earlier this month. She loves the camera! (Breathless Mahoney head sculpt.)

I actually forgot that I pre-ordered Bianca Lapin! It was a long time from the promo to the actual doll's appearance. She wears a faux leather dress under her cape. (Sculpt - Breathless)
Here is a partial description from the Tonnerdoll.com website:
From the Re-Imagination Collection comes ... Bianca Lapin.  Bianca Lapin is in a hurry. Her platinum white hair cascades down her back as she sits inside The Looking Glass tapping her fingers anxiously against the bar. Noticing a sharply dressed gentleman taking a seat beside her, she quickly averts her eyes and glances again at the clock...

Ed. Note:
Here's one of the promo shots on the Tonner web site. Did they change the vinyl color or are my photos dark & overly saturated? There are a bunch of differences in the hair, too.


  1. The Tonner Ballerinas are always lovely :) Congrats on the win!

    How do you feel about Bianca? I just got mine last week as well... was a bit disappointed in her makeup. She looks just like the one currently on the Tonner website, but I don't know that that was the original promo image when she was first available for preorders... the Bianca in the Re-Imagination header photo has a much softer look. :( Trying to decide if I want to keep her and try for a repaint later, but I can tell her bangs are never going to look like that header -- they're straight and too short to fluff up that way.

    1. I like her but I do agree that the promo photo looks softer. Her bangs need work. I love her outfit and her 'rabbit ear' hair buns. All she needs is a clock on a chain and the look would be complete.

    2. I just realized that the vinyl shown in the header looks very white compared to my photos. I wonder if the original doll was supposed to be a different vinyl color. Hmmmm. That would make sense as the White Rabbit.

    3. The promo doll does look *extremely* pale, now that I see her in direct comparison -- is that even a normal skintone for Tonner? I think Cameo is the palest "normal" skintone they put out, but I'm not sure if they have an alabaster color for occasional use...

      A clock! Hmm... I wonder if I can craft up a handbag that looks like an oversized clock, or has a clock graphic motif. :)

    4. Take apart an old watch!

  2. Hello Terri,
    I like the ballerina line too. I may have to break down and buy one (that's how it always starts....)
    The Alice line does not have the same attraction to me. I think the name "Bianca Lapin" is a cute joke but unfortunately the doll seems like a Sybarite wannabe. Actually I would like to see a Sybarite in the outfit and with cleaned up version of the wig, that could be a really killer combination.
    This doll reminds me of mannequins that used to see in some department store windows where the shop was trying to make an outfit meant for a younger and more adventurous client look appealing for a more mature and better funded client. Think 50 year olds on Rodeo Dr. in outfits for 20 year olds.
    As always love the blog.
    -Will C.

    1. I can see that outfit in a department store window. I plan to try it on some of my other gals.
      Thanks for always checking in and have a wonderful end of year and an even better New Year!