My First Chewin Fashion

This year I'm focusing more on fashion than on accumulating more dolls. I recently purchased this fashion from Chewin who is well known not only for his extraordinary sewing skills but also for his wigs.  The model below is Tonner's Yoshio and although I ordered the outfit to fit a Jamieshow doll, it also fits the Matt O'Neill body perfectly!

What you don't see is the finishing on the inside of the garments. Every seam is finished! I love the teensy buttons, the collar that lays properly, the closures that don't show when they're in use. It's extraordinarily realistic. This is miniature tailoring at it's finest. I appreciate that no zipper fly was used as they are always too bulky. I've already ordered another fashion and I can't wait. I'm hooked.

For anyone who might be interested:
-This photo was taken with a mini iPad under artificial light at night. I altered the color to be less yellow using Photoshop.
-The setting is a small corner of my doll room.
-Yoshio is barefooted because one of his ankles is cracked and I'm afraid I'll break his foot off. I need a new body for him.
-The two dolls seen in the upper left are Tonner characters. One is his 13" Simone Rouge and the other is 13" Artemis of Bana Mighdall. (Redressed.)


  1. I love Chewin's work. You really can't have enough of his doll outfits and wigs.

  2. The outfit is Amazing. I am always in awe of those who sew so Exquisitely.

    I never pay that much attention to male dolls and their outfits but I can appreciate the work and craftsmanship that goes into making such a beautiful suit.


  3. Can I ask about the tall doll on the lower shelf? The one in the peach dress with black dots? What kind of doll is she?