Several Tonner Dolls Get Photo Time

These are two of Tonner's 13" dolls.

First is Artemis de Bana Mighdall. She was, of course, originally dressed differently and is pictured elsewhere in this blog.
I'm still working on liking her jawline. She's a bit too masculine-looking for me. It's too bad because it's a cute size for a doll. The name of the (Tonner) fashion is "Midas Touch."

Next is 13" Simone Rouge Basic.  I have no idea why they decided to make a 13" version of Simone when the 10" version was wildly popular.
 This one is a wigged doll. In my photo, she's wearing another manufacturer's wig as I did not like the quality of hers.  The fashion is called "Spring Romance" and it is from more than 2 years ago.

My latest Tiny Kitty doll, yes, I'm still adding to my collection, is "Flirtation." I had forgotten what a pleasure it was to photograph these little gals.

I really must photograph the many Tiny Kitty dolls I've gotten in the past 1.5 years who have never been in front of my camera.

For those who don't know, Tiny Kitty is 10" tall and was first offered for sale in 2003. She was temporarily (?) discontinued in 2008. The good news is that she's coming back. We were shown prototypes at IDEX in Orlando. Perhaps we'll see the real thing soon.

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