Precarious "Tamed"

We picked up Precarious Tamed this afternoon from my doll dealer. I could not wait for UPS to do it's thing. She is a beauty.

I love the Precarious sculpt and I love the way her features are being screened. The applied eyelashes are a bonus.

This doll has a glued on wig which, on my doll, needs a little restyling. It was packaged very carefully but it flattened the hair and I want to fix it up.

Tamed comes with a shade of green tights over the neutral tights that you see in the photo. I found it difficult to put her shoes on properly over both so I took off the colored ones. I like the outfit better without the tights anyway.

The fabrics used are velvet for the bodysuit which you cant really see and burnout velvet for the skirt and jacket. It feels rich and is well made. I love the platform shoes. These are the type of shoes for which I use jeweler's pliers when buckling up. I've torn more straps than I can count when trying to do it without being careful.

I had a problem putting on the gloves but I usually have a problem with doll gloves. I leave them off. They are unusual as one side is a metallic blue/green and the other side is the lighter green from the jacket.

Her necklace is an asymmetrical conglomeration of chunky beads. I definitely would have liked earrings and a clutch bag. Sigh. You can't have it all. 

Tamed is definitely not dressed for summer. It's a zillion degrees here today and getting dark. The thunder, lightning and rain has just begun.

Photo Information:

-Camera used was an old Canon PowerShot
-Location-kitchen table in natural light-afternoon.


  1. Lovely, Terri..I have been wanting to buy a Precarious. I like the lashes whiich add so much to a portrait.

    You may have given me the nudge I needed to buy one. I do want one I can change wigs on though. I am not that good with removing doll's wigs...lol.

    Thanks for the review and beautiful photo.


    1. Hi Gerri:
      I'm fairly certain that her wig will not be any more difficult to remove than it is to remove a Sybarite wig. I just dunked her into boiling water and reshaped her wig. It's now going to sit and dry overnight. If that doesn't work, I'll just take it off.
      She is really quite pretty.

  2. Her face is beautifull, and that's my kind of makeup =)

    1. I will take better pictures of her soon. I fixed her hair and she's looking really pretty.