Tonner Doll: 2013 Fall Holiday Collection

More new stuff from Tonner Doll hit the airwaves today. This is a screen capture of the entire release. I'm hoping to see the releases in person at MetroDolls on Sunday and I will be better able to give an informed review.  You can click HERE to see everything in detail.

I can certainly say that if I were a Patsy Doll collector, there's a lot of good stuff to collect. This is beyond adorable!
Furry Flurries - Outfit Only  $89.99
 Sinister Circus is back.
"Dark Soul"  $259.99.

There are two Theatre de la Mode releases.
Elegance #93  $249.99. 

Glamorous #75  $229.99

I will have to hunt down pictures of the original dresses which inspired these doll fashions. If I purchased Elegance, the roses would disappear and I'd find some other size of fabric roses to sew in their place.

When a basic doll without a stand retails for $119.99, it's time to start doing something else with my money.
Precarious Bright White $119.99 - No Stand
 Many items are pre-order. Tonner is offering free shipping on all in-stock items and pre-order items as well.


  1. And the stand is terrible. Doesn't fit easily under tight gowns, and if you have a girl with tall platforms, she topples over. As for Elegance TDLM, the roses look like they are covering an ill-sewn seam. Charles James it ain't. If done well, I'd get rid of the roses altogether. Simple IS better.

  2. I am afraid this release really leaves me a bit deflated. Both the Theatre de la Mode are just boring.... Elegance #93 looks so much like Royale #82. While the $119 for a basic doll is fine, why no stand? It's incredulous to me actually.... the price point on some of these dolls.. Also, where is the Deja Vu line? All that hype and no product...

    1. Deija Vu line is supposed to have pictures up on the Tonner site in a couple of weeks or so because I and a couple of others asked. They will get their own separarate release soon, I'm guessing because they are still a Tonner web release special. I got the impression that the Tonner staff is eager for them to arrive. But there can be holdups too no company can anticipate, from production time, shipping stateside, etc. No telling if there is any U.S. government inspection of shipments from overseas, too that the current shutdown might effect. And if collectors' paychecks kept up with the rise in price of everything, there would be a lot less complaining by us, I think. As far as the TDLM, the most exciting models to our eyes were the early releases. I've seen some pictures of the "Merci" historically costumed dolls, French designers did and sent with other things to the U.S. that went on tour as France's thank you to the U.S. for all that aid given the French people during and after WWII. That might be a good replacement for the TDLM line, I think.