Gene Marshall Line - Wave 4 - 2008 Images Released

The new Gene Marshall Wave 4 dolls have been released by Integrity Toys and they look like winners. Each is limited to only 300. Descriptions are from the manufacturer.

Gilt-y Girl Gene Doll

"Guilty as charged, as long the crime in question is Gene stealing your heart in this lovely, three-piece, day ensemble. A tailored white, button front jacket with abbreviated waist and padded shoulders, sits atop a black and white gingham blouse lavishly embroidered in metallic gold and fitted to a T. A pencil-thin black skirt with flared hemline is the noir side of this early 40s look with it's sophisticated silhouette and dark connections to the gold embroidered, black and white gingham turban and black 'leather', platform pumps. The loot is 'diamond' earrings and enough 'gold' jewelry to thrill even a gun moll with multiple broaches and 'gold' cuff bracelets worth surrendering for. Gene's stylish coif is medium brunette and her makeup a look that says 'innocent'. What is it they say, 'white gloves, black heart' or maybe it's 'white gloves, heart of gold'? Either way, you'll have no trouble picking Gene out of the fashion lineup with Gilt-y Girl."

Retail Price is $125.00. Available January, 2009

Olympia Gene Doll

"A 1930s style evening gown composed of two complimentary shades of green satin; 'Olympia' is a masterpiece of dramatic cut and draping. A two-toned halter neckline is knotted at the throat and whittled through the torso into a slender waist. A fitted draping of the two greens at the hips echoes the neckline's details and accentuates the rhythms created by this reverent homage to the female form. Beneath this, a slender column is expanded into a lavish mermaid skirt featuring a voluminous train and 'yards' of draped satin. A tiered, crescent shaped wrap of satin and deep green-dyed 'fox' is the cover story for this fashion plate with matching closed-toed sandals and green satin, elbow-length gloves to complete the polished look. The gilding on this Oz lily consists of clear 'diamond' earrings, hair-clips and bracelet with a striking silver cuff. Gene's maquillage is a soft one and her hair a coppery red."

Retail Price $125.

The last three dolls are basic dolls. They are all priced at $99 and are available this month (December).

Special Scene Gene (Turquoise) Essentially Gene Marshall Doll

"Vibrantly flame haired Gene leads the fashion pack sporting curly bangs, white headband and a swinging ponytail above her sky blue, scoop-neck sweater. This form-fitting, knit sweater sports 3/4 length sleeves and is belted in white to match her perfect white cotton short-shorts. Accessories for Gene are all about white from her pearl earrings and necklace down to her stylish wedgies."

Special Scene Madra (Coral) Essentially Madra Lord Doll

"Raven-haired Madra for once is the vision of propriety in her cream-colored cotton A-line skirt, worn together with a gorgeous coral sweater. As with Gene, the accessories are all about one tone with creamy pearls at the ears and neck and a cream-colored headband matching her belt and wedgies."

Special Scene Violet (Magenta) Essentially Violet Waters Doll

"Violet completes our trio in a classic black Capri pant and form-fitting mauve sweater. Accessories this time are all basic black from the pearl jewelry and headband down to the belt and matching black wedgies. Violet's hair is worn in a fetching, dark-blond pageboy."

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  1. I do not collect the big girls but Violet Waters is quite lovely.