Random Pictures

My Barbie closets arrived the other day. I am very pleased.

 The first model is Anja from the last IT convention. The second model is Silkstone #3 wearing "Cast Party" from the 2012 GAW.
The size is perfect. They didn't skimp there.  I plan to change the background as I don't care for the three that came with the closet but any scrapbooking sheet will do.


On the endless topic of my unpacking...I still need showcases for my Tiny Kitty and Madame Alexander 10" dolls.  They are all hanging around into open boxes waiting for their chance to shine.

Today, after I put away my dolls' Christmas decorations, I pulled out a few TKs that I had never photographed as they arrived during the packing/moving era last year.

Little Empress
Grand Entrance
Kitty at Court
My Lady Fair - Blue
 Although these little gems have limited posing, I still love them. They were really my first fashion doll collection so I keep filling in the gaps.


  1. Hi Terri -- don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I haven't rec'd your email blog update since the new year. Checked the website and saw that there were new posts, and Feedburner says I'm subscribed, but still no posts. So I *unsubscribed* and then re-subscribed hoping that will fix the problem. Love your blog, susanf.

    1. Hi Susan...Yes, someone else reported the same problem two weeks ago. I will have to check with Blogger to see if that is an issue. Sorry about this.

  2. The wardrobe is really fab! And has lots of potential, if one uses custom background too... love it =)

    Nice to see the 10'' ladies too!