Can I just get the shoes?

There are many who will spend $150 for a non-articulated doll dressed in a black catsuit with painted black hands and four pair of shoes. They are probably the very same people who bought my Platinum Cher doll for $500. I can't put you down because I take a look at my dolly spreadsheet from time to time and cringe when I see what I spend on doll clothes. It's obscene. But at least my dolls can sit, bend their arms and are fully articulated.

Anyway, I keep seeing these images of the Christian Louboutin Cat Burglar doll. The packaging is very nice. I wonder if the shoes are plastic? The doll is limited to 7700 worldwide. That seems like a huge amount to me when I collect dolls that are variously limited from less than 100 to about 1000. The range of retail prices I've seen is from a low of $149.99 to a high of $299.99. Unreal.

"Here is a brief description: Christian Louboutin has collaborated with Barbie to create this limited edition 'Cat Burglar' doll. In a black catsuit and Differa sandals, she is the perfect gift for fashion lovers. She comes with a collection of 4 red-soled Louboutins, each with their own shoe box and bag. "

I love the last picture. Definitely a hottie!

Mattel outdid themselves this year and their rising prices reflected the extra effort.


  1. I agree, the shoes are neat, but I feel pretty "meh" about the doll itself. And don't get me wrong, I love a good catsuit as much as the next girl. I just don't find the face attractive.

  2. The shoes appear to be of decent quality moulds... but no plastic shoes can beat those highly detailed NON plastic shoes of Misaki and FR and co. and a basic FR doll is cheaper than USD $150 too!

    I might get her if I have spare money... for the novelty factor... I think the face would look great on a historically costumed doll hmmm

  3. I'm not interested in this doll, but for many Barbie collectors I think they keep the dolls NRFB so articulation, etc. might not be important to them. That might be what Mattel was counting on when they produced this doll.

  4. I love the CatSuit ..I love the Shoes (sp the Boots..btw yes the shoes and short boots Are indeed plastic..UGH)..I like the dolls face and I love the hair Color..what I don't love is that much hari Mattel Could have done a Better Job there...I hate the price for a doll wearing a basic cat Suit and plastic Shoes she is extremely over priced..and the lack of articulation is an Issue at least if i was to buy the doll (bet she had lots of problem stealing anithing poor thing can't bend over).
    Though I give props to Mattel for trying, and for giving us Camel Toe Barbie 2009...oh Sorry Christian Louboutine Barbie ..

  5. I was on the VIP list so I already got mine last week. I didn't want her, I had a friend who wanted her, but then they backed out. The hair is a great color. I love that. Other than that, she would have gone straight to ebay, except someone gave me GINZA earlier this year as a gift AND also admired this doll. Guess who got CL doll as a holiday gift? Dolly friends are the best friends.


  6. @Uriah...does her name begin with an R?