Creative Wardrobe Closet Alterations

Collector, Sassafras, posted photos of her new Holiday Gene Jamieshow Doll and her wardrobe case to which she made clever alterations.

Sassafras wrote:
Gene needed more space for her fashions so I made an insert using black foamcore board and put it into the lid of her box. It will slide out and the lid is in original condition. I put in just a few fashions to show what length each rod can accomodate.
The Chinese chest is from an "antique" store. It was red so I painted it to match the dressing room furniture. 

I asked about the new rods and she told me that they are wooden dowels painted silver. She used rectanges of foamcore with a notch cut out and copied the way they attach in the factory dressing room. She covered the raw edges of the foamcore with strips of cardstock.

What a fun and useful addition to Gene's case!

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