Imogen: London Mist

I'm lucky to be the shipping buddy to a European collector that allows me to debox her goodies and photograph them before shipping. It benefits both of us as I repack her stuff lighter by eliminating unnecessary packaging and I get to play with dolls that I didn't order.

This doll is one of the many new sculpts that Integrity Toys introduced recently. There are several new faces now that look similar and I have to look up who is who. She has a Nu-Face body.  Imogen has a serene look and a sculpt that I'd love to see repainted by Chewin or a similarly talented repainter.

London Fog's double breasted trench coats are well known and Imogen is wearing a double breasted coat belted in pink. It's a cute garment but why can't the hooks be sewn on so they are invisible? I normally Photoshop these defects out of my images for publication but in this case, here is what it looks like. The coat fits well so it's not the fabric pulling that is causing this.

Her hair is chopped short in a shaggy fashion. Some may like this but I would have preferred a more careful styling with a razor.

Black rhinestone stud earrings. Yawn.

Under the coat she is wearing tights and a lacey top. Yawn. The boots are cute with a tiny zipper at the back and three straps with silver buckles going around the boot.

In the picture just above this line, the lower hook is pulling because I have her standing with legs wide apart. She is actually balanced on her own!

The retail price of Imogen London Mist was $110.


  1. I love seeing her, Terri. I wanted to buy her but she was sold out.

    She really looks cute!

    Thanks again for your Fabulous reviews and photos.


  2. I can never thank you enough for your kindness! I am loving Imogen *sigh* I do agree with you that some doll facemolds are very look alike though... Imogen reminds me of Anja and the new Vero... The new Vanessa has Poppy's lips... Rayna is very similar to Poppy aswell... But even so, most of them are pretty much irresistible ^_^

  3. I really like this doll, but yes I agree her outfit besides the trench and boots is a yawn.

    Her top has a leopard print layer, but you can't even see it.

  4. Imogen has the best new face-sculpt in years; she's like a serene version of AG Eclectic. 'Tis pity her short her and discret outfit...!

    Christie H.