I Am My Hair, Kesenia, Bucky Beaver & Go Home

When Aerodynamic Vanessa was released she was quite unpopular. Her black lips and fiery red hair turned off many who otherwise love Vanessa. I took down her hair and crimped it and I loved her. One year later I decided she needed more forward looking eyes and a different color mouth. I sent her to Vin Trapani and he worked wonders with her. I think she is even more gorgeous than she was before!

Vanessa is dressed in most of Kesenia's fashion. The shoes are Dominiques because this Vanessa is using an FR2 body and Kesenia's shoes won't fit.

Let's take a look at Kesenia who, in my opinion, is one of the ugliest dolls in the Fashion Royalty world. This sculpt started life as a vampire with fangs hanging out of her mouth. You know how I feel about fanged dolls.  Now, without her fangs, she just looks drugged. This is not an attractive doll. I don't care how pretty they make her hair or her eyes, the mouth is awful.  Why is she in my house, you ask?  She won't be here for much longer as I purchased her for the fashion only. Another collector is going to be the proud recipient of the nude doll.

Her coat is made beautifully with nicely executed details and good tailoring. The pants fit well and look good after ironing, but in the back at the hook, there is a little mess of an ill-fitting closure. It doesn't show thankfully. The blouse is a near disaster. First of all it's way too big in the torso. The bow is sewn on and hangs awkwardly and the hooks show. I took the bow off. Unfortunately there are many raw edges on this tissue weight blouse and it won't last long I'm sure.

She comes with a nice pair of gray sunglasses.  Too bad they don't fit over her mouth.


Another doll that will be traveling to another collector is IFDC's Go Home. This reinterpreted Oz Dorothy has been given a little dog to hold for her photo shoot.


I did undress her and the fashion is very well made. It has snaps instead of hooks & eyes which was a surprise. Is this the first outfit IT has produced using snaps? I do not remember a single other IT fashion with snaps.

Dorothy, what a big head you have.  Wait a minute...that's a different fairytale.

Anyone remember this commercial?


  1. Vanessa is as free as her hair. (I heard that's her prayer.) Very nice work on her!

    You are absolutely correct about the Kesenia doll.. her looks aren't as free as her hair.

    Love the comment about the sunglasses and her mouth. :)

  2. Oh how I LOVE reading your reviews. I recall meeting up with you at the convention after Kesenia made her first appearence. Your reaction was precious!!! We both had the same thought... what's with all these bucked toothed dolls?? Snicker. I believe the Vahughn doll was also lumped into that category, and equally unattractive. Sigh. I'm sorry, I know lots of people liked them, and I should try harder to be nice, but come on. Sticking a vampire mold on a FR body, and trying to pass it off as high fashion? ..... por favor. Lo siento, pero NO.

    Your Vanessa, on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous, and I do love the pants.

  3. LOLOL, Terry you're a mess you dog the hell out of Kesenia! I have to agree she is ewwwwwww