Too Many Damn Vampires

 Coming from Mattel in the Fall, Bob Mackie Countess Dracula. Gold label, designed by Ann Driskill.  OMFG.

It's pure over-the-top Mackie. Enough with the vampires and fanged dolls already. Perhaps they're just painted on. I would love to see this doll in person-especially the hair. That's got to be the biggest hair explosion on the planet.

Coming in August: Gold label Byron Lars Fenella Layla. This doll is also over-the-top but in a stylish and wonderful way like his entire line. The dip 'n dunk arms gotta go along with the model body but that's a never-ending battle and it's useless to hope it will change. The outfit is amazing.

The Mackie style is static. Nothing new; nothing innovative-just more glitter, sequins, feathers and glitz.  There have been a few stunners but it's time to end the line IMO.
Byron Lars on the other hand, is a designer with a vision and a feel for style. His work changes and evolves. I may not like everything he does but at least there's something happening.


  1. I have to believe that if you're a vampire, if you're a Countess no less, then you have SOME kind of fashion sense. Does Mackie have a lifetime contract with Mattel?

  2. Oddly.... I kind of like that Vampire Queen of Hearts / Countess Dracula.

    The Model Muse bodies have got to go, though. Mattel must have made 12 billion of them. Ann Driskill and Bob Mackie together? Two great minds.. make a mess? LOL
    She is interesting. About $19.99 interesting. I would repaint her teeth out.

    Thanks for posting these!

  3. I'm sorry, but that Vampire is truely hideous.

    I still don't get the Vampire dolls, and I agree, enough. I never realized there was a market.

    I still don't understand why Kesenia was created.

  4. I adore this Byron Lars doll, the fashion is outrageous and that is why I like it so much! I rarely order dolls based on promo shots, but once she is out and I can see owner pics of her, I will likely buy this doll! Smashing!

  5. LOL!!! Guess my WALLET is SAFE from these two dolls..... that MACKIE, the worst ever..... as if the RED QUEEN from ALICE became DRACULA's Bride.... really do not know what is that all about.....

  6. @Rudi: "RED QUEEN from ALICE became DRACULA's Bride" LOL

  7. THANK YOU ! At last someone has had the nerve to say the truth about the Mackie line. And yes, too many vampires, but those bokks were awfully popular.

  8. If Mattel really wanted to do Vampire dolls they should talk with Anne Rice, now those vampires I'd buy.

    It looks like vampire with an afterthought with that Mackie doll, I mean just cover up the fangs and she looks just like every other doll he's produced. There's nothing about her that really pertains to vampires other than her fangs.

  9. Oh, whew! I'm always disappointed to find fangs on an otherwise elegant doll. Glad I'm not the only one who is not "buying" it.

    I've had enough glitter, too. :P

  10. Are you sure the vampire isn't a Cher Tour costume reject????? Yes, agree with Red Queen from Alice and Dracula's bride, whirled in a blender with Cirque du Soleil and Ringling Brothers circus.

    Just makes Byron Lars outfit seem that much more sophisticated and edgy.

  11. Bob Mackie designs are kind of like the undead. They should have been killed off a long time ago and laid to rest. It's all been done before, and there is no progress with the line.

    I think it would have been interesting to see Linda Kyaw or Bill Greening do a fantasy vampire doll instead. I really like their fantasy designs.

  12. The Byron Lars doll is edgy, fun, and beautiful. I really love her face. Too bad they didn't give her a better body, but she may be my first Barbie purchase in well over a year. The Mackie vamp it's just pure tacky Mackie no surprise there.

  13. the byron lars fashion reminds my of junya watanabe designs. love it.

  14. that is hideous. i'm so glad Robert Best has the sensibility not to design a vampire doll. if he does design a vampire silkstone, i will throw up. i hate dolls with fangs!!!

  15. The vampire doll is all kinds of wrong!! Didn't she get cancelled or is that just wishful thinking? lol