Body Double Veronique Re-Bodied

There's nothing wrong with customizing dolls or fixing up older dolls but ordering dolls that need work right out of the box is ridiculous.  Adding the original cost of the doll, the reroot and the new body, this Veronique wound up costing more than the exclusive JamieShowGrace I ordered. I'm not going to do it anymore. I want dolls that arrive wonderful. The have-to-have-every-doll mentality is finished.

The original Body Double Promo Photo
She is gorgeous though.


  1. That place where you don't need every doll, is great isn't it? I have been here since.. um.. 2005? I like here. Welcome!

  2. @James: It took a few painful mistakes to get here.
    I'd like to stay.

  3. Hello!

    The doll is really gorgeous, though. She is a rare example for an actually successful OOAK.

    As I have only ordered one FR doll this season, I suppose I am one more happy member to "don't need every doll and feeling sooo relieved about this" (sounds a bit like AA).


  4. Ever since I was a little girl I was a severely picky Barbie Collector, I wanted to get what I loved and know I'll keep forever not getting the doll just for the sake of aquiring it. Plus my mom is great, I could get one whenever I wanted it and not wait until my birthday or christmas so I was very envied by other girls who had barbies and I had more than they did because of that and I wasn't rough with my dolls. I still have my childhood dolls but they are breaking up due to age and their past of being well played with.

    With the FR/integrity dolls I have to act fast to get the ones I like because they're are so limited in numbers and many like to remodel them up so it makes them even more scarce so I just can only buy one to keep as is and not modify it if I wanted to unless I find the second one much cheaper than my original ones.

  5. Unghhh, tell me about it. I've done the same with customizing dolls. why?? No more, I will only accept perfect dolls from now on.

    Thankfully, I've never needed "every" doll, partly because I have very specific tastes, and find the majority of dolls unappealing.

    But your Vero is gorgeous

  6. I got over The have-to-have-every-doll thing a while back. Mainly because I had been a completist but decided I was tired spending money on dolls I didn't really like or had no emotional connection with. I guess for some the thrill comes from having everything, even though they state they are buying dolls they don't particularly like.

  7. wow! look at those pectoral muscles. amazing. fr2, right? (i don't own one but i think i can tell by the hands.)

  8. I love how you re-bodied and rerooted this doll. I don't want to ask how much time or dough it cost. The original doll's makeup was really gorgeous, her hair was just too extremely limiting. Now with her long gorgeous hair and FR2 body she is absolutely to die for!!

    Terri, what is the skin color of this doll? Thanks.

  9. @Anonymous: Thank you for your comments. Regarding the final cost of the doll here's an approximate - the original cost of BD Vero was $82. (plus postage); rerooting was about $100 plus postage to and from Canada and the FR2 body was taken from a Dominique I purchased for $175. I sold her head for about half that and I still have the fashion.
    So...what does that add up to? I'm afraid to do the math.

    I don't know what to call the skin color but it's almost an exact match to the FR2 Dominique.