Integrity Toys Joins the Ranks of Paramount/Hepburn Doll Licensees

Today Integrity Toys introduced a collection commemorating the 50th anniversary of the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's.   The collection consists of 6 items as follows: 3 dressed dolls at $125. each, 1 dressed doll giftset at $175. 1 basic doll at $89. and 1 basic doll at $175.  The dolls will be available at dealers.
The bodies they used for these fashionable dolls are the Poppy doll body sans articulated ankles. That was a mistake. The shoes don't look high styled enough. Holly's were low heeled but very pointy and the doll would have been wonderful with regular pumps.

The fashions are based on the iconic looks from the movie, the following one being the most recognizable:

How Do I Look? Holly Golightly Dressed Doll Gift Set LE500 $175.

 I would have liked it better if she had been sculpted with a cute little smile. She looks too pensive. Audrey's look was playful and engaging. Her eyes lock onto the viewer.

IMO Mattel's Holly was the most successful reproduction of the star in that role.

Pictures of other Holly Golightly dolls follow.

Madame Alexander  Cissette 10"

Holly Pullip Doll

Madame Alexander 22" Cissy

Funko Wacky Wobbler $11.99

Crocheted Holly Golightly doll by deadcraft.com $25.
Mattel 1998
7 1/4" figurine by The Bradford Exchange $29.99


  1. I got my breakfast at tiffany's doll for $14 in 2000, unfortunately, the last mouse that was in my house had bit through her glove and a few chunks out of her hand

  2. Hello!

    Strangely, but in my opinion the Pullip Holly catches Audrey Hepburn's looks the best. Maybe this is due to the biiig eyes. Do you also say "deer eyes" in English?

    Those new Integrity dolls surely won't alleviate my mood. Somalia, Norway and Amy Winehouse - that's a bit much.

    It would have been nice to see something genuinely original. But, my goodness, that would be asking too much from Integrity Toys, I suppose.


  3. Integrity was not making a Hepburn doll, it is a Holly Golightly doll.

  4. Wasn't there an Alexander Alex sized Holly doll? (No need to post this) About 2 years ago?

  5. @Petra: Yes it was a horrible day in the news. We do have an expression -"Like a deer in the headlights."

    @Anonymous: Sigh.

    @AuntLou: It was a basic Alex in a LBD with a big black hat and pearls. She was lovely.

  6. lower cased wow..

    Ain't nothing going on but the rent, with these new IT dolls. Nothing that we haven't already seen before, from other companies. I agree.. tilting feet would make more sense.

    Is the head a new sculpt? It looks a teeny bit like Dania / Lana to me. I'm not feeling Audrey in these.

    I love the Pullip Audrey though.. she is just great!

  7. I love all the outfits and accessories, but her face is not attractive…but then again, I am not a Poppy fan, either. This doll’s nose looks piggy, her irises are too big, and her lips are thin and boring. Plus, her head is slightly oversized (a big no-no for me). I plan to sell all the dolls and keep the clothes for my Mattel-made Audrey Hepburn doll. I hope to find a doner Poppy body that has a matching skin tone. -Al

  8. Hello again!

    What a nasty little anonymous commentary.

    You probably have read Truman Capote's book and have another Holly than Audrey in mind?

    As I have not read the book, because I don't like the film all too much (to me it's a very sad film), I wonder if all the clothes Audrey Hepburn is wearing in the movie, and the dolls are sporting now, were described in such detail by Mr. Capote as well.


  9. I read elsewhere (another upstanding doll blog) that this doll was designed specifically to not be Audrey Hepburn. They worked with Paramount to make a doll of Holly Golightly, the character and not the actress. So it's not an official licensed doll of her.
    So that comment by Anonymous was correct, the doll isn't supposed to by Audrey Hepburn. Just vaguely enough like her for the buyers to recall her from the film, but not close enough to get sued by the Hepburn Estate.

  10. At the beginning of the presentation Alain stated that several manufacturers have already done these fashions quite well. One of them hinted that he had the entire (Mattel) line. What they wanted to do differently was to be a authentic as possible to fashions in the film.

    Paramount approached Integrity to do this line. They had final approval for all designs as well as the doll. If it is successful there could be other collaborations.

    I have read the Capote short story, I believe Hepburn was quite fine in the film. My intent was not to be a "Nasty" Anonymous.

    BTW - no one at Integrity (including Jason himself) or any other doll company would have the nerve to reinterpret Givenchy's designs for B@T.

  11. Teri, thanks so much for the film clip. As a student of film for over 50 yrs.{Yikes!} there are a few iconic film roles that have been defined by the actress that played them. Scarlett, Baby Jane, Mildred Pierce, Maria Von Trapp, Eliza Doolittle, you get the "picture".For those of us that grew up watching these amazing actresses it is impossible to separate the role from the actress. "Nuff said."

  12. I think Mattel did it best. Sean (her son) gave permission to use her likeness and Mattel donated a set sum of money to the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund. I know this doll isn't supposed to be a proper likeness, but I agree that the sculpt used does indeed look a little piggy and the bangs just look poorly styled. Audrey was one in a million and these dolls leave me cold.

  13. Heavens, I am so naive.

    I should have thought that topics concerning "Integrity" Toys are to be handled carefully.

    So, dear anonymous, your remark is not nasty, it's Integrity's policy which is.

    How very, very cunning to announce that "that's Holly and not Audrey". And Givenchy is not Givenchy then, because it's not Audrey wearing her favourite designer's clothes.

    How sly do you have to be to come up with such ideas?

    If any company would be impertinent enough to steal Hubert de's créations, well, guess who would be the first to do so?

    Possibly that company selling Galliano, Dior, Miu Miu, Wunderkind etc. as their brainchild. And as they preferably steal European, Givenchy fits like a glove.

    Thank you Carin. To me Audrey Hepburn will always be Holly Golightly: most elegantly strolling by Tiffany's early in the morning
    after partying.

    Yet I'd rather watch "How to steal a million" again.


  14. I agree... Love all the fashion.. I also love how they varied the hair... although in my opinion... the up do' for "The Five and Ten" looks the most authentic...
    the doll... I know she is not and will not be Audrey...
    but Audrey IS holly and will forever be...
    the thing that brothered me abt the doll is... Holly was always charming and exciting.. and her face always brightens up the room...
    this doll.. for some reason.. looks very sleepy.. almost Sultry...

  15. If Integrity REALLY wanted to be daring, they could have done Marilyn as Holly, since that was Truman Capote's first choice for the movie.

  16. I'm glad someone mentioned that she wasn't supposed to be Audrey. I've seen several Audrey repaints that do it really well. Well the clothing looks amazing, if the doll's face is a bit lackluster for me.

  17. I simply am so HAPPY I collect NONE of IT products anymore, I would have been dessapointed if I did.
    IT is no longer a lead in the doll collecting world adn now not only is not leading but it is following Mattel (insert SCREAM HERE)...Sad... if this is there atempt at increasing revenue then they are to fire theire marketing people QUICKLY because these dolls are nothing New...and nothing collectros were clamoring for....

  18. I find it interesting that Integrity is getting all the wrath of the posters here when it was Paramount that approached them to do the project as part of Breakfast at Tiffany's 50th Anniversary.