Everything Changes or Needs To

Our house went live on MLS earlier today. I'm numb. It's such a leap into the unknown to sell a house. I have to admit that dolls are not in the forefront of my mind right now but I am still here. The sum of my doll play in the last few days has been admiring those that still populate my showcases. I miss letting the world go and sitting down with a doll to redress her.
In order to remind myself of my pre-orders I created a chart on one piece of paper which has a little picture of the impending doll and how much I paid for it. I still have 8 on the way.  In addition, the exclusive Comicon Ghoulia is joining the tribe courtesy of Christina. EEK.
So...if I feel deprived I just have to look at my chart. Unfortunately I have no time to feel deprived right now. Less time to shop - although I managed to squeeze in a few separates from OOAK designers. LOL.

I never got around to giving a little review of two new dolls Integrity Toys surprised everyone with last week, "Follow the Line" Kesenia and "Current Pursuits" Vanessa.

"Follow the Line" Kesenia
Click on the images to see how they've been Photoshopped. Sadly, no amount of Photoshopping can change the true appearance of this doll's mouth. A snap-on face plate to change her looks would have been helpful. I haven't made a secret of my opinion of Kesenia's sculpt. It's too bad because the rest of the doll looks very nice. I'm not sure if the outfit is black but it's a nice pant suit.

Vanessa (aka Fauxnessa by many devotees) is absolutely a doll I do not need. I could almost not believe it myself. I am a Vanessa lover and have all of them - some multiples as well. I ordered "Dress Code" Vanessa in spite of the cold reception she received.  I ordered the W Club Vanessa, too, mainly because I think the fashion is beautiful.  But when I saw Current Pursuits, the spell was broken. She looks like so many other recently released IT dolls.

"Current Pursuits" Vanessa

She's pretty. The outfit is cute but how many shorts with little jackets or trench coats and white shirts does one  need? I understand themed lines but there's very little variety here.

The shorts (or in the case of the DG, mini skirts), little jacket, blouse trend crosses all of IT's lines this year.  It has yet to show up on the Monogram dolls but I wouldn't be surprised.


  1. You are correct again Ms. Gold.. too many short sets. This line dolls & clothing feels like Mattel's line of playline Barbie dolls in varying black dresses. (what are they called again? :))
    Too much of a good thing, is still too much.

    Good luck with your packing and your move!

  2. Isha actually comes with a skirt =) I was susprised when I got the fashion I bought from Petra Elise, as I thought from the prototype photos she was wearing shorts aswell. But coming back and watching at the photos carefully I see it was a skirt indeed =)

    I pre-ordered the new Kesenia (I am actually liking the facemold, the mouth doesn't seem so opened as in her first version, or maybe it is just me that am getting used to it now *lol*), but I'm not sure if I will keep her, I am loving her blouse and jewels though, so those will stay for sure ^_^

    I also pre-ordered Vanessa, not for her outfit, who is, as you pointed out "more of the same", but I think her makeup and hair are beautifull...

  3. Fauxnessa?? I love it. Where I have been hiding! :)

    And my... look at all those shorts. Mmm. Very interesting observation! At least it's "in" this season. ;)