Tonner Ends Pre-Ordering

This information has come to me from a reliable source.  I am going to quote a few lines from Tonner's announcement. I won't be able to answer any questions as I know no other details. Please post your reactions and questions here on the blog.  Perhaps someone will come along to answer. The Tonner people do read this.

The TDC believes that "collectors enjoy being able to obtain products they desire as fast as possible and without having time for reconsideration. Coupled with a year-round flow of product from our factories, we have developed a new schedule of future product releases." 

"Tonner products will now debut on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month on tonnerdirect.com."

Dealers will get their information on the Monday before each Wednesday and can neither take orders nor reveal information prior to the release.

What I understand is that only dolls that are in stock will be released. So when you place an order, you will be paying for it and you can expect to get it shortly afterward.

What I don't understand is who actually ships the doll. If the dealers don't have them in advance and you order them does your doll come directly from Tonner or from your dealer?

Is Tonner planning to cut out dealers eventually?


  1. I don't like this at all. Now I won't be able to plan my doll budget. And I CERTAINLY don't want to lose doll stores/dealers!! Probably means less Tonners for me.
    Maureen in AK

  2. After reading this, I really want to cry. I don't have a magic wallet that every time I need for a doll I want, I have the money in. I really need to know with some time wich dolls are going to be avaible, the price and when (at less the time of the year) they are going to be in stock. I don't mind waiting months for a doll! Other than that, I love my dealer and I really like buying from her, becouse I can pay her in layaways and in advance (for example, if I know in july are going to be avaible 4 dolls I want and have in preorder, I can send her money since march, so the final bill us not that bad). I really, really, hope Tonner's change their mind, I don't want to buy less dolls, but is going to be my only choice if they do this.

    Ana in Argentina

  3. In this economy, sometimes the only way some of us can afford the dolls is by pre-ordering and pre-paying a dealer for the doll before they are released. At least, that is how I pay for my dolls, especially ones that might go fast.

    So, then, no dealer discounts either then, right? As a side note- If Tonner wants the bottom-line $$$$, they should have purchased the Gene line from Mel, instead of outright copying him. Obviously they see a need for this line to continue, why not go with the original that helped launch the larger fashion doll market? Anne Harper whom???

  4. Not surprising,
    With the number of companies feeling the pinch, if not actually going out of business, the retail model has to change for the ones that are still around.
    How many customers have been disappointed by long delays in delivery as pre orders are held up and held up, for months at a time (think IT). How much money has been tied up with retailers who are now going out of business at a frightening rate. How many manufacturors are stuck with inventory they suddenly don't have a buyer for or debt for product that was shipped but not paid for.
    I really don't care whether I am buying on line from a dealer in another state or the manufacturor in another state.
    As far pre orders go hasn't the hype gotten out of hand? How many dolls are almost unavailable at "release" because they were all preordered a half a year prior....and then the feeding frenzy as they are marked way up and dumped on EBay.
    One company (think IT)is finally releasing the stash that they couldn't dump during the feeding frenzies for some "exclusives" a year or more ago.
    I'm ready for the change

    Will C.

  5. I think this is about time coming. If you can Pre-order and save for the doll, then you can also just save for the doll! What's wrong with putting aside a little each week to be able to have all the money when the new dolls are released.

    If Tonner does decide to keep the pre-ordering in effect then I think he should do it the same way Kaye Wiggs does and collect the full amount UP FRONT on the pre-order.

    Cutting out dealer discounts? Hmmm - - doesn't affect most collectors as I see it - only the dealer!

  6. I don't see anything wrong with this. I do think it will perhaps some dealers from buying many of a new line and then selling them for obscene prices as they aren't available anywhere else. They still have a 2 day edge of knowledge without being able to bogart, and yes, while I have a resale license and buy other things to sell I don't do dolls so I'm just speaking from a "fair" angle as I've seen real travesties with dolls

  7. @Katz: I had to look up the meaning of 'to Bogart.' For my other readers it means

    to steal, monopolize, or hog.

    Your post is too esoteric for me.

  8. Sad state of affairs.. I think the dealers will get screwed.

    All things considered.. I never save for any doll. It's my nature. I want. I get. Yesterday I heard from my dealer, that my new Tonner doll was in.. which was cool..and I ordered something else on sale, too.

    Change is good. Dollars are better. Maybe I won't buy as many if it become too hard.

  9. pre-ordering far in advance is scary these days. so many places have gone under and left the customer out of their funds and dreams of owning particular dolls they've paid for.

    i do not see anything wrong with the refreshing change yet unless i am missing something.

    also, it's a rollercoaster ride to order something we have not seen IRL pics of of. too many surprises that aren't always good surprises....

  10. Besids Kazue, what other dealers went bankrupt and stiffed its clients for prepaid dolls?
    Ed In NY