Theatre de La Mode "Noir #99"

After a long wait, Robert Tonner has given us a new Theatre de La Mode doll called Noir #99.  Mine arrived the other day and normally I wouldn't present a new doll with the plastic protective lining still on but since I'm in the midst of packing my dolls, this one is not getting displayed yet.
This was a high priced vinyl doll at $210. Full retail is near $249.99. Was she worth it? I hate that question but I have to answer, not really.

Take a look at the hair on the promo doll below,
...and the hair on my doll:

It looks like something has landed or is about to take off. This is not acceptable and I am considering bringing her to the doll doctor for reworking. I am very disappointed with this hair.

Her dress is lovely and looks exactly like the promo. The usual Tonner snaps have been replaced by a well inserted zipper. The black gloves come with nude liner gloves. The shoes are simple black pumps and the jewelry, besides the sewn on bauble, is rhinestone studs and 'tennis' bracelet.

In spite of being unsuccessfully executed, the hairstyle is daring.

Noir #99 has a new sculpt and Antoinette body with blue eyes, blonde hair and the cameo skin tone. I would have been happier if Tyler's sculpt and body were used instead.


  1. I think Tyler would have been nicer than the Gina sculpt.

  2. I love that hair Ms. Gold.. I could work some magic with that! I agree it isn't like the prototype, but it is interesting... but you know my sense of styling. LOL. The back is really stunning.

  3. You know if you are really dissatisfied with #99 I would consider returning her. If I am going to spend that much for a doll, my budget would not include a reroot and repaint. Even if you want to keep her I think that manufacturers should be made aware when a customer such as yourself is not completely satisfied. I think you speak for a lot of us and your opinion carries some weight.

  4. @Carin: I never considered returning her but the hair has to be fixed. It's ridiculous.
    Thanks for your comments.