Update on Not Having a Doll Room...Yet

Out of desperation,  I went to the storage unit this afternoon and decided to take two huge boxes home. The spousal unit accompanied but without the desperation attached. I was looking for the box with my Sybarites and just gave up because the boxes say either dolls or doll props and pretty much no other content identifying marks. So we put one big carton in the car and then I opened another and lo and behold, inside were the boxes in which my precious Sybarites, Ficon and Jamieshow were packed. YAY! They are now safely home.


  1. LOL!!! I Love how you described this situation!! LOL!!

    Well, good for you! Your Sybarites, Jamieshow dolls and Ficons are all in their new home! Yay!


  2. I find the NuMood dolls look a bit off, I was thinking it was poorly fitted wigs.
    I too know the feeling of looking at boxes marked Dolls, and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all.
    Enjoy, glad you found your Sybs!!