Tonner's 2012 Fall/Holiday Line Release

This afternoon the pictures of Tonner's new dolls were revealed. It is a large release. Collectors who loved the 16" Marilyn Monroe will be happy to know that there is one new basic Marilyn as Pola Debevoise (?) and four era appropriate fashions. A fully dressed 16" Marilyn in the hot pink "Diamonds" gown is also going to be available for $189.99.

There are five dressed Precarious dolls and one basic. It bothers me that new Precarious dolls have been introduced and the ones I currently have on pre-order haven't even shipped.
This one looks a lot like Raven and I thought the redhead was Antoinette until I enlarged the image enough to see her face clearly.


My favorite fashion is on a dressed Cami. She is lovely but I have enough Camis right now. I would like the outfit.
Also making an appearance are Gone With the Wind dolls, Peggy Harcourt, Nu Mood, Memphis characters,  Ron Weasley, Vampire Diaries, Marvel Comics, Wizard of Oz (Steampunk Style), The Hunger Games, Twilight New Moon, American Models, Disney and 10" Patsy. I'm out of breath just typing that.
Where is Tiny Kitty and Simone Rouge?

The Nu Mood Tyler looks really odd. Is this a revamped sculpt or just a bad promo shot? Yikes. But the price is right! She comes wearing a white bodysuit and the wig.
 There is also a Nu Mood Sydney that doesn't look like Sydney, one with the Breathless sculpt and one with the very popular Cinderella sculpt.


  1. Pola is Marilyn's character in How to Marry a Millionaire. I haven't been on the doll boards for awhile so I don't know if I'm alone in thinking that the Marilyn sculpt is awful--I'm so disappointed.

    1. I think Marilyn is his worst sculpt actually. Looks nothing liker her, even the repaint artists can't make her "pretty."

  2. Romantic Gold is so beautiful. I like the prices of the Nu Mood collection but wish they had the Antoinette body. Tonner seems to be releasing a lot of fashions for that body type.


  3. Romantic Gold, Beautiful... the rest boring! I cant help to think that mass market has ruined Tonner Doll Co.