Show & Sell Site Important Membership Notice

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This notice went out to all registered users of the Doll Page Show & Sell site today. Please read it.

Effective March 8, 2013, the "Show & Sell" site suspended automatic registrations and is no longer accepting new member registrations from strangers.

Anyone wishing to become a new member of the site will have to be recommended by a current member in good standing. A member who has been with the "Show & Sell" for one year and has 20 positive reviews/feedbacks will be considered a member in good standing for the new nomination process.

We realize that this new nomination process will reduce the number of new members which were joining up at the rate of about 100 per month. This new process is being instituted due to the damage done by scammers that have, up until recently, had unbarred access to our members.

As a result of this new registration process, those of you who do not publish your private email address in your listings may want to be aware that strangers who used to register just to send you a private message will no longer be able to do so. Of course, if you do publish your email address in your listings which allows non-members to contact you, you'’re taking the chance of getting approached by a scammer, but it’s your choice.

We are hoping that with the cooperation of our current members we can build a safe doll trading community where you can feel reasonably assured that your customer is a legitimate member.

Members who have been signed up with the Show & Sell for one year and have current positive reviews/feedback are eligible to nominate new members. If you would like to nominate a new member at this time, you can email me with the nominee's name and email address and we’ll send them a short application to fill out and return to us. In the near future, we will provide a “nominate a new member” area on the member control panel of every member eligible to make nominations. This new feature will replace the interim method of contacting us to nominate a new member.

We hope you will approve of our new membership registration plan. We wish that everyone could play fair and be nice, but unfortunately a free site with an open membership just attracts trouble and I think we all have enough trouble in our lives without publicly asking for more.

If you’d care to comment we ask that you please do so on the Show & Sell Forum.

Steve and Rae
 I think this is a great idea as there have been many instances of scamming recently.

Steve and Rae do a tremendous service to the doll community by offering the Show & Sell pages for free to us. Let me not forget to also mention the Doll Pages where collectors can post their images for use on boards, eBay or anywhere. They don't ask for a penny from collectors!


  1. This is the main reason I only sell on eBay. Even with it's fees, I feel I have some kind of protection from scammers. The show & sell pages are a great idea, but you have very little protection on them regardless if you're a buyer or seller.

  2. Well what ever they have done, I am now locked out- and I joined at the end of February. I joined to be able to buy- and I am pretty sure I even got feedback from the sellers I purchased from- but cannot look at it now. So much for The Doll Page for me. They've lost a buyer.

    1. Email me your name that you used on the board and I will look into it if you are still interested in being a member.

    2. According to the owner of the site, no one who was already a member is being locked out. Try again.

  3. It sucks that the relatively few scamming thieves have to ruin things for a huge community of honest people.Way to go jerks.I hope these changes help weed them out.

  4. Do you have contact info for Rae and Steve? I have emailed them 6-7 times because I must have forgotten my password and can't contact sellers there. I have even tried resetting my password but never get a response email. I finally gave up with them but would like to fix this some how. If there is some way to get a message to them and a response/resolution it would be great instead of feeling like I am being ignored.

    1. I doubt if you are being ignored. With these changes they are probably deluged with email. If you go to the front page of S&S and look all the way down at the bottom, there is a contact us link. Are you saying that you have emailed to that link and have not received a response? If so, please email me with your S&S user name and your real name and I will get the message to them.

  5. I tried to get in several times - about 10 times before giving up. It says my name and password are incorrect- in big red letters. I wrote down my name and password- and I know they are correct - they worked just fine before.
    My user name there was PB Ray.
    I never recieved any kind of notification from them either- the first I heard of it was here- from what you wrote in your blog.
    Whatever they are doing, it is not going well. And another friend I recommended to The Doll Page sent me an email this morning saying she is locked out too. She is pretty angry - and she didn't get a notification either.

    1. According to the site owners, there is nothing wrong with your account. I recommend you email them.

  6. Figured out how to see my feedback page:
    I only have one feedback- but have bought from that seller more than once.
    Still cannot get into my account.