Boater Ensemble Silkstone and In A Dream Marilyn Monroe

Two new dolls arrived today.
First from Barbie Collector is the club exclusive Silkstone called Boater Ensemble. I haven't deboxed yet but I will as she looks next to perfect. I'm pleased. Mattel's updos and pony tails are the styles they do the best.

I like her ensemble, however it looks very much like an airline stewardess outfit. The hat is a boater styled hat and, of course, that is where the name comes from.

Click here for an interesting article about Boater hats on Wikipedia.

Marilyn Monroe "In A Dream" by Tonner

I purchased this doll mainly because I love the fashion. She looks exactly like the prototype. I removed the plastic arm protectors and had a little trouble getting the fashion back to the way it was supposed to look. No biggie.

 I can't get the headwrap on the same as in the photo because I'm afraid of ruining her hair which is in a nice updo.

The real problem with this doll is the horrible doll stand. Tonner has been providing this awful stand for the last few years. The doll can't stand with her legs together and in most cases, the saddle that goes between the doll's legs shows through the garment.

Dear Mr. Tonner: 
Bring back the old Tyler stands on adjustable poles. These stands SUCK.
Thank you very much.
Terri Gold


  1. Agree about the stand. Makes the girls look like they are wearing a huge athletic cup. NOT a pretty site under a chic outfit.

    Also, is it me, or does the snap in back look over-sized?

    1. Tonner doesn't used doll scaled snaps for most items.

  2. You tell 'em, Terri! LOL Those stands DO suck, lol

  3. I know what you mean about the stands. I usually end up posing all mine on adjustable FR stands.

  4. After the bug-eyed abomination that was last year's club doll, I was really worried whether Boater would look anything like the the promo photos. After receiving her yesterday, I can happily say she does. First Barbie I purchased in a long while that didn't disappoint. I think you will really enjoy her once you get her out of the box. Laura

    1. I deboxed this afternoon and she is a classic and a keeper. I am very pleased.