Oz Doll - meh

I purchased Oz, Theodora and China Doll. I will add this to my list of impulsive mistakes.

While the sculpt is attractive and well executed, the rest of the doll is just like a cheap Mattel product.  The outfit is flimsy and cheap-looking upon close inspection. Of course, the closures are velcro. The vest is not a separate piece but actually part of the front of the shirt! His 'bag of tricks' does not open.

He is just about the same height as a Silkstone doll but his head is quite large for his body. His movable joints are his neck, shoulders, elbows and legs. Oz can be made to stand unsupported but not easily. If you wanted to pose him as shown on the package front holding his bag and China Girl, you will have to rubber band them to his arms.
I had to destroy the package to get them out. It was awful.

I decided not to take Theodora out of her box. The thought of bulldozing through the iron-clad packaging was a turn- off and after getting Oz out of his box, I was pretty turned off.

The separately available 4" China Girl (who is still in her package) is exactly like the doll Oz carries with him in his package. That would have been good to know in advance because then I would not have purchased another.

Her joints are the neck, arms and legs. I was hoping that her elbows would bend.
She's all molded vinyl and the only use for her I can see is as a toy prop for my larger dolls.

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  1. Same here Terri. Meh, indeed. I've never been less enthusiastic about deboxing. I like his face though. I may try the acetone head-shrink...I MEANT to buy that other Oz doll. The Disney store one. Boo.