Anja's Head on Flat Foot Body

When Integrity Toy's Funny Face line was released recently the doll called "A Woman Who Thinks" came with the Anja face sculpt. I like her face and I hadn't kept any prior Anja releases.
I've been saving several of the Poppy and NuFace outfits that I liked.
Yesterday I had some time to play. I put shorts, top, coat and shoes on this rebodied Anja and I am happy with the results. These fashions came with the Audrey Hepburn character, Sabrina "Most Sophisticated." The jewelry is from various other dolls.


  1. Anja has a beautifull face... I liked this one with the hair short. Love her shoes!! You're gonna "kill me", but sometimes I wish FR2 had ankle joint, to use flats too =)

  2. Great redress. I am also a big fan of those flats. I keep hoping to find a pair to purchase.