8-30-07 Doll Overload

Here we go again - dolly overload. Upon returning from Florida there were 7 dolls waiting and several outfits. I don't like it when this happens. When I started collecting, I would get one doll at a time and have fun photographing her. I'd put her on my nightstand to gaze upon her loveliness and really enjoy her. Now it's too many; too soon.

I have been following the rule of "one in; one out." I don't know how people live with hundreds of dolls. But they do!

The doll pictured above is called Rule Breaker Pierre. He is so strange that he's a keeper. I sold two of my Homme dolls recently so there's room for him. I swore I wan't going to collect the men but these are the only male dolls whose clothes are fabulous. I don't play with them; I just admire them.

As far as the "Checking Out" giftset - well I wasn't too thrilled with it. I don't particularly like Francisco's sculpt and I didn't like Colette at all. Her bangs were like a shelf. What were they thinking? She's such a pretty doll as a blonde. I like her clothes. I sold her in the Pink Hope gown.

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