10-20-07 Hommes

The Homme Boys are on their way to a new home. I sold all my male dolls and the extra clothes and accessories. they just didn't do anything for me. I'm also selling off my 16" Tonner dolls. I kept the most beautiful but it's time for them to move on. I love the turnover and making room for new goodies. There's a new Hana on the way from Korea! She is the Halloween special limited version. Quite a few new items are on the horizon besides Fashion Royalty dolls. Articulated Kish Riley and 16" Ghost of Christmas Past will be here next week.
Yesterday I sat down to the anticipated pleasure of deboxing Sugar Plum, the huge convention exclusive gown.
It is too tight around the bust. I knew I shouldn't have bought this dress. What a waste of $100. It reminds me of a Puerto Rican crocheted lace toilet paper roll cover that used to be popular in the 50's. It's huge and gathered and fluffy and over the top. Oh well. Perhaps if I get one that fits, it will look dramatic. It will also need it's own room...LOL.
I got my preview copy of this quarter's issue of FDQ and I was floored to see that my interview of Joy was given 6 glorious pages. My images are amazing. One takes up an entire page. Whoever laid it out did a great job.

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