8-3-07 Haute Luxuries

The picture above is Haute Luxuries Veronique. I bought her from Ginny. I love the facial screening of the older dolls. They're pretty. I like pretty. Some of the Fashion Royalty dolls are not pretty although they are fashionable. There's quite a difference.

I sold Anti-Social Misaki. She was a good example of a doll that is not pretty but is very 'now' in style.
I just couldn't warm up to her.

AND...believe it or not, I 'fixed' the sunken nose bridge of True Royalty by using a heating pad to soften her head and then reshaping it while warm. Then I took out her hair and cut it evenly. It is now drying from straightening. I'm going to root in more hair and then style it, or try to style it. I'm not very good at styling tiny heads.

Here are a few of my latest photographs:

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