Ghost of Christmas Past

I couldn't resist ordering Tonner's Ghost of Christmas Past! She is unusual as far as her facial screening but she still has a hint of a smile which could have been eliminated. Smiling ghosts are for cartoons. But....I love her ethereal outfit. The body itself is very, very stiff and difficult to pose. Perhaps I am used to the floppiness of the Fashion Royalty bodies.
On that topic, some of my dolls are all but impossible to pose upright! It's a real pain. Someone posted a fix which involved putting leather strips into the joint between the hip and the thigh. It's a good idea.
Yesterday Jason Wu gave a 30 minute interview on the W Club board. I posed the question about the loosely jointed bodies and he responded that after playing with the bodies they are likely to loosen. My question did not specify that brand new dolls - right out of the box - were floppy. I wonder if he really doesn't know about this. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps we were just supposed to comment on his artistry and ask questions about future dolls. That's what everyone else did. Oh well. My comments on his artistry are in the form of the dollars I spend on the dolls and the time I spend photographing them.

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