4-7-08 Valia Photo Contest

The W Club recently held a photography contest. For each membership one was permitted to post 3 entries. The contestants were supposed to follow these instructions:
"We want you to photograph Valia to capture her unique mood and essence......

Our panel of esteemed judges will select one winner from those photos posted based on who we feel best captures the essence of Valia and which photo best personifies what she is all about."
My initial thought was to photograph the doll laying amidst a pile of $100. bills. She was $350. retail. I was fortunate enough to get a FDQ contributor discount.

Anyway, I knew I wouldn't be able to get away with that concept so I decided to go with the luxurious concept. I used my old racoon coat as a backdrop but that was too fussy.

I fooled around with making a vintage photo as Valia did remind me of a doll from the past.

I liked it but in my opinion, the judges were looking for marketable images, not creative ones.
OMG Did I say that????
Here comes the marketable image - not creative at all - but it shows her face and dress and it's a 'nice' picture.

Here is the picture that earned me the right to save money on the next Valia I buy. The judges had such a hard time choosing that they created a second place prize for me. The prize was $100. off my next Valia purchase.

This was my Theatre de la Mode concept entry. My entries actually did have essence and concept. They weren't just pretty pictures.

I realize and I knew all along that the reason for the contest was to sell Valia by getting people to look at pretty pictures. Very few people entered but many commented because there was a prize for looking and posting anything about any picture.

Once I took off her fussy outfit, I started to enjoy myself!

I thought this was a winner. I still do.

Not only did most of my entries have a creative concept behind them, they showed how varied Valia could be.

For my final picture I decided to go where I knew no one else would dare go. I used the tag on the back of the Valia doll and titled this picture, "Do Not Remove Tag Under Penalty of Law" I thought it was a riot. I knew it would not be a winning photo and thought long and hard before including it amongst my six entries. But I decided to be true to myself.

At that moment, being true to myself was more important than winning. I had fun and it showed in this image. My dolls are fun. I am not working for Integrity or any other doll company and I can show my dolls in whatever way I wish. As a photographer with an intellect, a talent and a sense of humor I succeeded in this contest.
I eliminated some of the marketable images in order to include images that expressed my essence!

For a finale I will state my review of Valia (not as a fashion concept because I don't see a new fashion concept at all) but just as a doll. The best part of this doll is between her neck and feet. She has a very pretty body and it feels good in the hand. The joints are made very, very well. They are sueded and hold poses. She has lovely proportions. On the negative side: the hair is very thin and the rooting pattern is not high quality. The wrists should have been jointed. The jewelry is attached to the card with stronger thread than it is strung with. My necklace went to pieces before it was even removed from it's backing and the bracelet fell apart while she was wearing it. One earring was soldered so thickly that it stood away from her ear visibly. The gown, although beautifully made, is over-the-top for her delicate proportions. The lace is too large. Her shoes are too big and are plastic. The garters do not close over the tops of the stockings. At $350. a lack of quality control is not acceptable. I believe this doll is overpriced by at least $150.

Raison d'etre?

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