2-4-07 True Royalty Vanessa

I haven't written for a while, not because I haven't been photographing but just the opposite. I've been busy with Hana and True Royalty. A different approach was necessary with my photography because I was just producing perfect pictures - not art. So I really put effort into her (TR's) photographs and used a 'different' eye that I have allowed to sleep for too long. It's awake now.
Jon asked me if I would like to contribute to the next issue of Seloj Spa and Madison Chua has agreed to an interview. I am psyched! I will use my images of TR. I've got to get up a list of questions for Madison. It's going to be fantastic.
Today I purchased Chic Escape. I have wanted her for the longest time. It kind of makes up for the disaster of a deal that fell through with the FDQ Vanessa. I have given up on that doll for now. I don't care if I ever get her. My way of thinking is changing, though. As I look as some of the newer dolls and the older ones I have switched to newer bodies, I start to really choose certain dolls above others. Some have to go. I have sold several of the older dolls, including 4 Kyoris! I thought I'd never let go of a Kyori. But I am not going for quantity now. If I have the doll, she'd better be something I love. And now there are several that don't fit that description.
It is good this way. They make room and provide cash for the new ones.

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