5-01-07 Aren

This is a picture of Aren - Perfect Fusion. I need this doll. Of course it has been sold out for a while but I got an email from Soom saying they will be produced again next month and they will contact me. Who knew I would love Aren so much that I would want another? I have searched many, many BJD sites and still cannot find another 12" or so doll to love. If I ever decide to go bigger, Soom has several choices as well. But I don't want to go there--too big and I don't have any clothes for a big doll.

I signed up for the Wu Convention on Sunday and booked our hotel room as well. We're going to Pittsburgh on Tuesday and the Convention starts on Thursday. That way we have an entire day to explore the city. Neither of us has ever been there. I just checked out the Warhol Museum website and it is cool. I'm looking forward to that museum.

Also on my mind are the two articles I'm about to do. Ideas are coming but I do need to build the backdrop. That will make everything easier.

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