6-25-07 Ellowyne, Diorama

I sold Ellowyne Red, White and Very Blue so I could buy "Nevermore." RW&VB was too modern for the other two Ellowynes I have. I want to keep her dressed in lacy, old fashioned styles that fit with her story line. There are people making clothes for her as if she were just an ordinary doll. I can't see it. The only one making suitable items for this doll is Tallulah!

This image is from the Wilde website. I ordered her last night.
I'm waiting on many items. One of them is the Clea Bella set. That's going to be very interesting and a big help in taking pictures within a room setting.
Speaking of room settings. I have set up a wonderful diorama of a living room/office in my studio. Here are some fun pics of that.

I love the couch and the desk and all the details. I need curtains for the windows.

Saturday is the Tonner sale. I'm trying to psych myself up for it. All I hope to find are Ellowyne items but you never know. It's a good opportunity to buy stuff to resell.

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