6-10-08 Ovaz Gown; Theatre de la Mode Collection; Chic Escape

I don't like the red background. I'm going to have to shoot this again. Too much competition with the doll and the dress. Premiere Lana Turner doll from Fashion Royalty. Fabulous black ruffled gown by Ovaz.

Here is Chic Escape wearing the same gown. Chic has been rerooted and for now will have straight hair. This gal has such an extreme side glance that it dictates how she must be photographed.


My collection of Theatre de la Mode dolls is growing by leaps and bounds. I have all the ones I really want except for two. One I may win on eBay in a day or two. The other remains elusive but she will come. The 4 separate outfits I purchased from Jim are now being worn by other more appropriate dolls than the ones they would have come on. I have not photographed them yet. I am working on settings in my mind and they're not ready.

Of all the ones I have only the UFDC's C'est la Fete was disappointing because the doll is rather unattractive. I put the outfit on a faceless AA Tonner doll and it looks so much better!

Longchamp Fleuri is now on Ghost of Christmas Past and is wildly amazing. Le Petit Noir is on Gene "Hello Hollywood" who has been given an articulated body. She is a gorgeous doll and looks amazing in black. The construction of the gown called C'est Parfait is poor. I have to secure a few beads and press it out. It was cut slightly off grain and twists to one side. I used to find defects like this in so many of Tonner's outfits. This was disappointing. But the doll herself looks good and I love the netted hat.

The Crimson gown is a wonderful fabric and drapes beautifully. The headdress is very, very odd. I love Fleurs de Mal. So chic and simple - but not the wild feather tall hat. That is so cool. I adore Framboise and it's glamorous tailored embellished fabulousness. My favorite is Reflet d'Argent.

The color, the sparkling embellishment, the hair, the jewelry...it's a keeper.
This is the second time I have Ensemble Sport. I appreciate her so much more now than the first time around. My tastes have changed so much.

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