4-21-08 Luchia

The girls are cringing in their showcases. I have pulled 8 Fashion Royalty dolls to sell! Addicted Luchia & Dress Me Luchia. I am not in love with that sculpt. I tried but it's not working. Behind Velvet Ropes Natalia. I like her but it's time she moves on. Flirtatious Veronique. That was a tough decision. She is so gorgeous but I'm overloaded with the early Veros and I have enough of them. Redhead Close-Up Veronique from the original dolls. This is my third one. Talking Drama Adele and Bodacious Adele. Both gorgeous as well but I have to make room for the new dolls. And....Miami Vice Kyori. If she doesn't sell, I won't be upset. Two are sold. We'll see about the rest.

Today the NuFace gals arrived along with the fashion. I have already sold Ayumi as I don't like her at all. Erin and Colette are just adorable. They have lots of play potential. This Erin is very pretty and very hard-looking at the same time. I like it.
Au revoir, Luchia.

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