1-28-07 Hana Angel by Elf Doll

Isn't she delightful? It's very different to pose a BJD.. Their limbs snap about but they are wildly posable. She is so cute. I have only tried on two of her faces so far. I love the wigs she came with. Tonight I bought a pack of Bratz clothes. The dress fits but is a bit short. Sleeveless tops fit. I ordered a few things from the Elf Doll website. This little girl is already an tidy investment. Now I want to get her a little bed. I like looking at her. I was going to name her Tamara but I will stick with Hana. I snatched some of the toys from Ben's mini room. I wasn't thrilled about doing that but I needed them! I was thinking about giving the room to Ben but he won't appreciate it.

Here are some more pictures:

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