5-23-07 Spectacular Eugenia, Aren and Ayla

Once again, I have gone for weeks without an entry. I'm just not a blogger. But now with so many new dolls having arrived, I must post.

The latest is Eugenia Spectacular Fashion Royalty. This was an overpriced but gorgeous doll. The sculpt is Wu's finest so far. Her hair is even soft and combable!

I'm going to sell her gown which is less than stellar compared to his original of which this was supposed to be a replica. I don't think so. The drape of the skirt is ridiculous. It's all pouffy compared to heavy and flat. Oh well. She is beautiful.

And.....sound the horns.....Tan Aren arrived. At first I was shocked. She looked so different from natural skin Aren. Her nose looked pointy and her lips were tiny. But as I dressed her and put her side by side with the first Aren, she started to look more beautiful. I love her. The color of her resin makes so much difference. Now light Aren looks sickly. Oy.

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