1-23-07 I can live without....

Yesterday I decided to sell 7 of my Fashion Royalty dolls. I was getting overwhelmed by them and I picked out the ones I can live without. They are both original close up Veroniques, RBW Kyori, Glam Slam Kyori, Something Hot Kyori, GOTM Vero and Via Venetto Adele. I don't play with these dolls and it's time for them to move on. I really never thought I would sell a Kyori because I prided myself on having all the Kyoris except redhead Ginza. But it is ridiculous to keep dolls for that reason. As of a few hours ago Redhead Vero and Glam Slam are sold. GOTM is not very popular for some reason. She is a little plain. But she still has the beautiful Vero face. VV Adele is severe and exotic looking. She was my first Fashion Royalty doll ever! I had a good time with her but it's sayonara Via Venetto.

 I'm considering purchasing an 8" BJD called Hana Angel by Rainman. She is an Elf Doll and very adorable. At $285 she is about $100 less than I would be paying retail if she were still available, which she is not. And the seller will be adding extra wigs, a tricycle and an extra outfit. It is a good deal. But what am I going to do with her? I hope she will be fun to pose and play with. That's all.

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