11-11-06 New Bodies

Feeling overwhelmed by amount of dolls and confusion about the new bodies. Getting used to them and now the original dolls look too short. This is not good. I finished the new rerooting of Traveler by Nature Veronique. Not sure if I love it.
What else is new. Many new dolls are coming by the end of the year. Madison's doll will prove to be a spectacular success and very much in demand. The prices are going higher than $600 already and the retail is $180. I'm definitely looking forward to getting her but she may be the only doll I don't debox.
I'm trying to sell as much stuff as possible to raise funds to try to keep the in and out balanced. I'm in the red at this point but I can catch up if I keep working at selling. I will list on eBay to move more stuff out.

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