10-21-06 Why am I buying these?

So I'm sitting here getting stiff and wasting my life browsing for Kelly items. Ugh. Why? I also want to keep checking the board to see who is offering convention items at a decent price. What is this need to keep accumulating more and more dolls? I have so many that I really love. They have lots of play value and I can barely keep up with photographing them. I really just want their clothes anyway. I don't have room for more dolls. I did manage to score the new Monsieur Z head and dress kit for $10. That was a steal.

So dumb. I don't even really like those faces. I want to close the mouth so she doesn't look like she has buck teeth. It seems to me that Integrity is giving the attendees leftovers as many of the gifts. The outfits from the first day were Playline items. Dressmaker Details gave out the usual blue shoes. The Integrity note cards and billfold with bracelet were new and useless items (to me.) I do like the diorama backdrop. It looks like a good item to use in photos. I'm sure many will be selling that one. I used the Barbie diorama items from the Barbie convention in many shots. That was a worthwhile purchase. And yesterday I made a deal to trade a premium Adele nude for a NRFB Fashion Royalty bed with someone who lives in the state of Washington. I want to set up some dioramas. I recently got some vintage Sindy items such as a room divider and a writing desk with bench. Also got a lounger and some beach umbrellas. That will be fun.

The rerooting of Traveler by Nature Veronique is coming along slowly but nicely. I am using black hair with some plugs of reddish orange. At first it looked like a Halloween wig....then it didn't...but in the end, it will look very contrived. That's OK. I am having fun and it is different.

It's Gothy. If I were going to IFDC next year, she could be entered in that category.
But I'm not.

Here's a funny offer from a buyer. She was interested in both premium Adeles but wanted to know if I would sell just the heads. I replied that I would but the price would be the same. Duh. What would I do with two headless AA bodies?

I have only three AA Fashion Royalty dolls remaining since I decided to stop collecting Adeles. I had all of them at one time and saved my favorite three but they have to go now. Via Venetto Adele was my first Fashion Royalty doll and she will probably be the last Adele to go. Her picture is above. You'd never know it is her because she is wearing a wig.

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