11-25-06 Body Change Chaos

I have had to redress and rearrange about 60% of my collection. I packed away several Silkstones which I don't want out any longer and I am selling some I didn't think I would sell. The new bodies have caused a rift in my collection. I cannot display them in the same case. I have 3 more tall bodies on the way and then I will stop switching. I have left the really special dolls untouched such as Cosmetic Takeover Natalia, Silver Society and Midnight in Monaco.

For several weeks it felt extremely disorganized and I didn't like the feeling. I like to find the perfect outfit for each doll (which changes occasionally) and set her up like that. This was a hodge podge because so many dolls came in so fast. Today I received two wigs from my dealer that I didn't want. Actually one was canceled and the other I never ordered. I'm going to keep them, however. This is not the first time she has sent me something I didn't want. The last time it was a doll but I sold it right away. I just hope my Miami order goes through properly.

The following is a personal message to Madame DeFarge: Thanks. Your actions reminded me that a web log is not a personal journal and that this is a very small world.

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