11-29-06 Messing with Dolls

Good dolly day today. I flocked two of the Pompadours that have been waiting for hair. I worked on their lips, too. And I used the modeling material to fill in one of bucky's smiles. (Monsieur Z doll) This will be a test subject. I worked on her eyes and enhanced them as well. Then I painted the lips. I don't have a picture yet. The hole in Erin's nose is now filled in as well. The collection needs lots of work but I'm afraid that I will ruin something so I will just stick to fixing up the less valuable dolls.
The boards have been a little slow this past week. Or perhaps I am looking for too much. Spending too much time at the computer has been a problem for a long time. The time I spent in my studio painting and crafting was very pleasant, indeed. No computer, no television. I do need magnifying eyeglasses. My regular glasses are not strong enough for fine work.

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