Princess Beatrice's Philip Treacy Hat on eBay for Charity

I think it's pretty cool that she has put this hat on eBay for the benefit of charity. She stated that she was surprised at all the attention it got and that would be a good thing for her charities. There are even some of the public created fun pictures using the hat on the auction page. I am impressed!

Here is the link to the auction:


www.mikestone.co.uk photography


  1. I agree. When I saw Beatrice and her sister on a recent interview, I really liked them and found them to be very nice and sincere.

    Hope the hat raises a lot of money for charity.

  2. I love this hat.

    I didn't think it was really appropriate for the wedding, but it certainly seems appropriate for a certain "Mega Star" (as Dame Edna says) that I adore.

    I'm glad that the hat has bids. :)

  3. Yay! I got tired of the "ugly step-sisters" thing, and am glad they are turning it to advantage for charity!

  4. Your pic of the cat crawling out of the hat on top of Beatrice's head made me laugh out loud!
    Thanks for the chuckle!

  5. What a cool thing! Thanks for posting this, Terri. I agree - very impressive!

  6. This is absolutelly wonderfull... I'm glad she isn't am empty minded princess =)

  7. why this item was removed from ebay. Has it ended already? Anyone watched it?