OVAZ Designs for JAMIESHOW at Angelic Dreamz

Deadly Persuasion Outfit by Ovaz
 Angelic Dreamz presents to you a unique collection of 10 gowns by Ovaz. Each design is a Limited Edition of only 10 pieces. Although they were designed for the JAMIEshow body they will fit other 16 inch dolls such as the Sybarite, Deva, Tonner as well as select others. I want all of them! Sigh. I love dressing my dolls in gowns.

For more information, pictures, prices and to order please click any image on this page.


  1. I love that blue "Deadly Persuasion" gown, Ms. Gold.

  2. @James: Me, too. Take a look at the others!

  3. Yes, indeed the Deadly Persuasion Outfit is stunningly beautiful.

  4. I would really like the Divine virtue & authentic jewel for my Jamieshow dolls, but no jewels, no shoes, no stockings...a little too pricey for me at $150 plus shipping. If they came with accessories, I would probalby try to buy several ! I realize they are made in such limited edtions and that keeps the prices higher and I am sure some lucky dolls will look lovely in these gowns, so please no offence intended to Mr. Ovaz! I hope that in the future Jamieshow will have some sets with seperates to mix and match which includes shoes, I would snap those up! ...it would be nice to have more fashions made just for my dolls! I have a few of the Jamieshow fashions and they are wonderful but would like to see some street or casual fashions for the girls too!