"Why I still believe in Kazue" posted by Denise Travers

This was posted by Denise Travers on the gogomomoko Yahoo site on May 15, 2011. I have reproduced her post here for those who may not have access to that board.

I have been staying away from posting about this mostly because I have no new information and I freely admit I may not be able to think clearly about this. Kazue is my Best Friend and my biggest concern is the hope of seeing her again. I have to share my reasons for still believing in Kazue as far as BIC is concerned. I don't believe Kazue meant to lose BIC; I have already posted about BIC meaning so much to Kazue and how hard she worked. But there are events and opinions that enforce my belief that Kazue did not plan on BIC closing.
I will share the most relevant.

The biggest thing is those who worked with her for many years. Her distributors, suppliers etc. None have bad to say about Kazue or BIC. Only concern for her well being. Kazue made large payments on pre-orders taken. Paying debts usually isn't a sign of bad intentions. She asked me to help her get some items for her customers about the same time she disappeared and she would not have benefited from this until much later. Again it didn't seem like something that would be done if you planned to take off with the money. The last time her (April 5) and I talked it involved long conversation and excitement about future plans including upcoming conventions.

Those who lost money have every right to be upset, I still hope for some type of settlement for all involved but only Kazue can do this unless it is a forced bankruptcy in her absence. I wish I knew the answers. I know I don't know all the details. In fact I admit I know very little and it is very frustrating. But I do believe the information I have received as fact and contrary to many nasty rumors.
I still believe in Kazue.
I hope Denise is correct. My concern is that Kazue may not be alive. Someone would have seen or heard from her by now. Surely there is a missing persons bureau that has this case. Perhaps I watch too many episodes of Without A Trace. I'm sure they are totally inundated (no pun intended) since the earthquake/tsunami disasters by searches for missing persons.
Was Kazue running every aspect of BIC alone? Is that even possible that only she had the keys so to speak? That's quite a burden even for a supermom.  Denise said that "paying debts usually isn't a sign of bad intentions."Putting affairs in order including the paying of debts is sometimes a sign of something else.


  1. There are many things that don't make sense to me about this. Kazue left to go see suppliers on 4/11, she was heard from on 4/12, & then on 4/15 all BIC employees were fired. It was only 3 days since she was heard from at that point, & they decided to close up the business already? Why the rush? Her family is saying they know nothing about running her business, so how do they have the authority to fire people & close up shop thereby effectively stopping all shipments of stock to customers? I think they know a lot more than they are saying, and today more news. Tom's Goods & Trading is closing. I hope there aren't people who are going to lose money there too.

    I have no idea if the police are looking for Kazue or not, so I wonder, was she driving a car? Where did she stay the night of the 11th? I don't think you could disappear that completely without leaving a trace.

  2. This is a very delicate subject... I hope Kazue is found ok, and I also hope collectors get their money back... BIC was once a wonderfull place to buy from, but the truth is things haven't gone as well as they used to, in the months before the natural disaster.

  3. I also hope that Kazue is ok, but I believe, with all of these letters coming from her friend, something is fishy. The firsts posts about Kazue explained to try to get your money back from your credit card or PayPal. This was stated right off the bat. I believe, those associated with Kazue are now feeling the heat. Time to pay the piper....if you were pushing sales of her goods, and she takes off, well, you basically were working for her company, and might have to share in the responsibility. Come on people....business is business, even with dolls! Might sound harsh, but this is not the first time a doll dealer has just vanished. Just the facts.

  4. In a previous message Denise stated she only found out "ten days after the fact" about Kazue's disappearance. That was the e-mail I sent her about whether or not BIC was closed, said information being sent to me by a mutual friends of Marna and me. If Kazue was Denise's "best friend," and Kazue was really "missing," wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that Kazue's family would have e-mailed Denise in 48 hours, or at least three or four days, to let Denise know that the whereabouts of her "best friend" was unknown? I'd like to know why Denise had to fing out from someone she really doesn't even know. And from just five people, myself included, that I know the actual money loss for, totals $1,700.00. Multiple that by a couple of hundred people, and that's enough money to start a new life someplace else. As Marna pointed out, Kazue left on April 11th. She telephoned in on the 12th, perhaps to say she was out of the country?, and then on the 15th the employees were fired. At that point it wasn't even common knowledge that Kazue was even "missing." I think the family knows a whole lot more than they are saying. And now that Tom's closed his store, I wouldn't be surprised if he left to meet up with Kazue to start a new life. Eric

  5. I lost about 200$... Not so much, but this momoko sould be a present from my husbund to me. So, I'm very upset (((