Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica Dolls from Mattel

Yet another Captain Jack Sparrow doll hits the shelves. This one is from Mattel. At $34.95, the likeness isn't bad at all. I thought Tonner's Capt. Jack was right on the money with their version but of course, the prices can't compare.

Why does he have a shrunken head hanging from his belt?

You might want to give Jack a girlfriend! This is Angelica and she was intended to resemble Penelope Cruz. Hmmmm.  Retail $34.95.

 This is Tonner's amazing Captain Jack Sparrow doll (2007). His retail price was $179.99. After he'd been out for more than two years, his price did not drop below $100 which is unusual for Tonner dolls.  His fashion was fantastic with details galore and you better believe it wasn't sewn on. LOL.
Even my husband (who calls all my dolls Tiny Kitty,) thought this was a great-looking doll.



  1. Terri - You don't know why Captain Jack has a shrunken head? I guess you never saw "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." While speaking with Captain Teague, Jack's father, he asks: "How's Mum?" and Teague holds up a shrunken head. Jack then says, "She looks great!" From that point on until the end of the movie you can see Jack's Mum hanging from his belt. Eric

  2. @Eric: thank you for the info. I must have missed that.

  3. Hi Terri,
    I thought that you would like to see my repaint of Tonner's Captain Jack Sparrow. I removed all of Tonner's factory repaint and did a miniature portrait of Jack/Johnny.
    If you're interested, you can see him at:
    If you click on the picture there, you can see more photos!