Pinch of Platinum™ Barbie Doll®

Why is this doll $85.00?  Just because they apply "Platinum Label" to the box? While I'm quite sure she will look very pretty (in the box) in a collection, she is not worth it.
Here is the description from BC.Com:
Grecian-inspired, high-fashion cocktail dresses define this line of dolls named after precious metals. Pinch of Platinum Barbie is the third in a series by the inimitable Robert Best, a Platinum Label® doll limited to less than 1,000 dolls worldwide. She features the Aphrodite facial sculpt, a one-shouldered diaphanous white dress gathered at the waist with platinum-colored sequins, and heels with an exquisite encrusted look. Elegant, understated, and all the more stunning for it!
There is a limit of 1 doll per BFC™ membership while supplies last.

Release date: 05/25/2011


I know it's old news but
So much prettier at under $20. 
Still available on the BC.Com site and elsewhere: Black label Barbie Basics Model No. 03; Collection 001.5; Released 6/2010; $19.95.  Steffie head mold.


  1. A pose-able body would have made her a Superstar! I like her hairstyle!

  2. I agree, over-priced.

  3. $85 is outrageous! For that stiff MM body and plastic shoes? I think not.

  4. Mattels Platinum label club exclusives are simply lazy now. This one is boring without a doubt.
    There is nothing remarkable about any of the releases last year or this one.
    You're correct, the pricing is ridiculous - why can't we get this platinum label for no more than 39.95 max?
    For me personally - this doll is no better than any Pink Label doll in TRU or Target.

  5. Now had she been a Silkie, with a "new and improved"
    articulated body (wishful thinking, I know!), I would go for it, as she has gorgeous hair and a lovely face. I also like the dress, but why can't Mattel make some decent (not molded plastic) shoes, like IT does?

  6. I really want this doll, for some reason, but the price is killing me. I wish they would give us a clear, real picture of the production doll. I passed on Glimmer of Gold because of the bland pictures.

  7. I bought it with my BFC reward of $20 off the price, so I can turn around and sell it for six times as much. It's not so much about the doll, it's the limited availability. Medusa is worth 10 times what I paid for it because it is so hard to find. (but it is so gorgeous).

  8. Anonymous: I realize that it can be sold for a premium. I did that with the Cher platinum and a few others. I didn't try for this one but I read that there were horrible issues with the sale with slow server and dropped orders. Have you seen the board posts.

  9. The BFC site kept crashing, I thought my heart was going to explode, my blood pressure was so high, as I have never been able to get a Platinum doll before but I managed to get it this time and it's already arrived. I have been selling off my entire collection because I am strapped for cash and once all is said and done, I just want to get the hard to find dolls and resell them elsewhere. I know it's all part of Mattel's grand design, this is where they make money now. The play line is horrible quality, nothing like what I played with as a kid, and it seems to keep getting worse. I'm pretty much done with collecting, I can't wait to get rid of them.