SouoL by Louos Fashions and Palm Beach Coral Silkstone Doll

Red Rabbit Misaki and Ayla (Soom's tan Aren) got new outfits from SouoL by Louos.

Boots are Azone. Jewelry is Integrity Toys. Projector is a vintage 8mm Revere from my distant past (my parents.)


This outfit came with short socks but I didn't have shoes that would fit over the socks. I added the jewelry. Wig by Tabloach.

I purchased the Palm Beach Coral Silkstone during the last BC.Com sale using my quarterly bonus and the discount provided by the sale, she came down from a ridiculous retail price of $150. to about $50. She was worth the wait. The fashion is made very well. In fact I was surprised that the coat fastens with a hook and eye! The pants and top use snaps. The fabric is a very nice quality the embellishment is done nicely.  It's really one of the nicest Silkies produced in the last two years.

 Open coat reveals cropped top and flared pants
The coral branch pattern continues all around the back of the coat.
She has an intricate hairstyle which, in my pictures, is still in it's net. I'm dangerous around Silkstone hair so I prefer not to remove the nets right away.

The doll is fetching $100 and up on eBay. 


  1. The Silkstone outfit is so Valentino http://awhitecarousel.com/2010/a-luscious-tribute-to-valentino/picture-18-5/

  2. @Stratos: I've been looking for a full-length image of that fashion. If you find one, please email it to me. OK?

  3. I am sure I have one in an Italian Vogue somewhere - I will check it out