Tonner Con Underway

Most of you are probably aware that the Tonner Convention is underway. Pictures of the new dolls and centerpieces are dribbling onto the web slowly although eBay pictures went up immediately by those who are hoping to sell their dolls.

The first event took place on Thursday night. The new doll is called "Pin Up Basic"  and is on a newly engineered Tyler body. The body will appear on a line of dolls called Tyler's Nu Mood. Pin Up has a sculpt which is somewhat cartoonish and was inspired by Robert Tonner's collection of illustration art. Perhaps a friendlier adjective would be illlustrationish. I wonder if my large Tyler sized wardrobe will be useless?.

Centerpiece image from the Tonner Blog

At first I was reminded of an old Coppertone ad in which a dog is tugging at a child's bikini.

Pin up illustration art is highly sexual.

Where is Robert going with this line? Will we see gorgeous lingerie and upholstered ottomans? I hope so!

Watch a 5 minute video showing the display of dolls called 20 Years of Tonner.

The Friday brunch centerpiece featured Andy, Cami and Jon. The event was called Young New York.

Image from Tonner Blog
A new character in the Cami and Jon line was introduced. She is Gina.

I cannot wait to see what the Shadows Wilde Imagination event doll is because I'm getting it. Woo Hoo!


  1. The pin up centerpiece is wonderfull!!

  2. I just don't get the mannish face sculpts on Tonner girls. Not sexy in the least.

  3. Are you sure you didn't leave the "de" off of Nu in Nu Mood????? Not crazy about the face yet (wide-set eyes and BIG-uh-ears!!!), but the larger chest could be fun!!!

  4. Thanks for the pix!
    I haven't seen more than two of the convention shots so these are really new to me! ;)

    Looking forward to more on the new lingerie line...I wish the knees had been 'improved' on the new dolls - they look like the old Tyler bod knees/legs...but the she definitely looks more...ummm, bodacious!? lol