FR2: Engaging Elise, Rare Appeal Dominique and a Repaint by Vin Trapani

These gals arrived today so I grabbed my point and shoot and clicked away on the deck. The sky was bright but overcast which is perfect lighting for out-of-doors portraits.  I used the close-up setting, ISO 200, and a fairly large aperture. Fill flash helped with the contrast and brought out the details in the images of Elise. The camera was hand held.

 A little surprise is her animal print underpants which match her shoes. Otherwise she is exactly as advertised and that's a good thing. Engaging Elise's vinyl is nearly white.  Her face and body do match. The hat comes with two straight pins. I found they were a little too blunt ended and used fine dressmaker pins with small red tips.
The low cut dress front is not my favorite type of design for a doll with a jointed breast plate. I would normally dress the doll with a necklace that covers that area. It's not pretty.
The dress fits nicely. I love the bag and I hope in the future Integrity does what Ashton Drake used to do with Gene's clutch bags. They attached a heavy thread through which four fingers could fit so the doll could hold the bag in a natural hand position. For now, she will hold it under her arm.
The jewelry is plain black rhinestone studs and a pewter bangle.

I purchased Rare Appeal Dominique basically just for the fashion...(not necessarily the dress, but I think the shoes and earrings are killer!)  Don't tell my husband that I paid $175. plus shipping for doll shoes and earrings. You won't have to, he reads my blog anyway.
Sadly, the shoes are defective.  The heel or something on the left shoe is very crooked and from the back it looks as if her foot is turning under, but it's not, it's the shoe.  

I'm not a fan of the Dominique sculpt and putting her on an FR2 body has not altered my opinion. But that's just my personal taste.  The screening is well done and pretty. I think she needs a different hairstyle.  Wondering if any of my favorite Adeles has the same vinyl color as that of Dominique.


I have two Always Polished Dasha dolls so I sent one of them to Vin Trapani to center her gaze and to change her pupil and lip colors. He sent me back a gorgeous Dasha. This doll's sculpt is amazing and Vin's talent really enhanced her beauty.  I will restyle her hair eventually.

Below is the original for comparison.


  1. from last to first:

    - your Dasha looks really fab! Vin did a wonderfull work (he has an amazing talent), and I look forward for more photos!!

    - I am HATING Dominiques dress, and it is killing me, because I bought it from someone who was splitting doll / outfit. I loved it in the promo, but IRL pics, it looke very bad? The rufflles seem to be to "up"? In the promo they were more relaxed and attractive... *sigh*

    - finally... Engaging is gorgeous as every Elise, but for me she would need some slight enhancements (lip repaint, eyes darneded, and maybe eyebrows trimed ^_^). I hope I can find a nude, or a head alone, to have that done!! =) (you seem to always be the first to get the new dolls Terri!! How cool *lol*)

  2. @Ana: I do get my dolls from my dealer very fast because she's amazing and I'm not very far away. Unfortunately I wait months for Integrity to ship me replacements for defective merchandise. UGH!

  3. I am disappointed with Dom's dress as well. Hopefully I can press those ruffles down.

  4. ...still about Donoinique, she doesn't seem so pretty as in the promos either... maybe it's the angle difference? anyway, she is a bit of a disapointment...

  5. I love your Dasha! Just beautiful. I love Dominiques face sculpt, but I don't care for her eye makeup. I can't wait to see pics of her restyled. She has such an exotic look there are so many things a person can do with her. She's gorgeous!

  6. Well I am glad to see real life close-up pictures of Dominique to reaffirm my earlier dislike of her. The makeup colors need to be toned down and I'm not a fan of the eyeshadow under her eye. She definitely needs different hair even if it's just a bob with blunt bangs. Dom to me at least has a very harsh looking sculpt.

  7. hi..The doll is really pretty.. I am thinking of buying it for my niece birthday.. she would love it.. :))

  8. Your pictures of Elise and Dasha are gorgeous.
    I always look forward to your shots since they actually show the doll as it is, rather then as someone wanted it to look. The Dominique doll looks quite beautiful to me. though I don't think the outfit looks too good.
    Sorry to hear about more broken shoes. It seems like IT has no quality control since broken or poorly assembled pieces keep turning up all the time.
    Still anonymous because I can't figure the whole profile thing out and it keeps kicking me out when I try to enter one.
    Will C.

  9. Hi Terri!
    Beautiful shots and thanks so much for the
    mention too! :)
    Love how you restyled the hair and Dasha too - she looks soft and elegant!
    Wish the FR2 line wasn't so elevated in price from the regular FR line...I love the Dominique sculpt/doll...maybe she'll go on sale one day.