Seeking a Non-Collector to Attend the FR Convention in my Place

If you or a friend or spouse wish to attend the Fashion Royalty convention to participate in the 4 meals and other activities but you do not collect the dolls, I will pay for your convention fee. In return you will gather all the gifts and souvenirs and ship them to me at the end of the convention. Shipping will, of course, be paid for by me.

I would also ask you to buy the convention collection (or part of it) and any centerpiece dolls you can get and have them shipped. This will also be paid for by me.

The registration would be in the name of the attendee (you, spouse, friend) and that person can go to the workshops and everything else available.

Please email me with any questions and/or to arrange something.You can find my email address by checking on the right hand side of this page for my profile and clicking there.


  1. Sorry it had to come to this for you. I know you'll find someone.

  2. awww.... I'm sorry you're not going Terri... I know how you love these events...