Yom Kippur is one of the holiest days of the year for the Jewish people.

This post is not doll related although is was sparked by the realization that the Fashion Royalty/Integrity Toys convention is scheduled for the same weekend upon which Yom Kippur falls this year. I'm in a state of shock and agitation. For all their worldly behavior and pretense, the staff in charge of scheduling this event has no clue that other religious backgrounds besides their own may exist. Carol Roth is Jewish.

Many secular Jews do not observe other holidays or traditions through the year (just like people of other religions. )BUT:
Wikipedia says it best:
As one of the most culturally significant Jewish holidays, Yom Kippur is observed by many secular Jews who may not observe other holidays. Many secular Jews attend synagogue on Yom Kippur—for many secular Jews the High Holidays are the only recurring times of the year in which they attend synagogue,—causing synagogue attendance to soar—and almost four-fifths fast.

It's difficult for me to believe that you can live in this country and not be aware of Yom Kippur.

There's a site that I visit sometimes that states "because if we don't say something they might think we don't care." 

I care.

Yom Kippur


  1. What is wrong with Fashion Royalty/Integrity Toys?
    This is very inconsiderate of them.
    They don't seem to be making wise choices lately.
    Very interesting info re: Yom Kippur, Terri. I enjoyed reading it.
    Thank you and have a nice week-end.


  2. hmm, well maybe that's why the hotel was available that weekend. (=

    i doubt it's a purposeful slight.

    thing is, last year, lots of complaints it was during halloween weekend. also, it was parallel with the tonner convention, wasn't it?

    with events/dates, can't please everyone all of the time.... just sayin' =)
    (and i'm not against conspiracy theories =) so if you find more ammo, i'm all ears =) =)

  3. I feel for you, Terri, and others of the Jewish faith regarding the poor timing of this convention. But sadly, after the Gene/ vinyl debacle at IT, and the spread of "Corporatism" in the USA, it always boils down to "the bottom line", i.e. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Sad that we have come to this end. (if you don't want to publish this comment, completely understood).

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  5. @anonymous: Hmmmmm...
    Halloween vs Yom Kippur....pretty serious choices.

  6. Hello Terri! I appreciate your frustration, but I must say, I am one of many that don't know the dates of all religious holidays, or even most of them. Sorry, but not everyone is in tune with the so many religious dates. So many religions, so many special days....well, not everyone knows what they are. So, if someone doesn't know the dates, it does not mean they are against the religion, they just don't know. I know I don't know, and don't expect everyone else to know.

  7. Integrity Toys informed W Club members on December 1, 2010 that the next convention will be held in Chicago on October 6-8, 2011. Why didn't you say something then?

  8. With all of the people in the world, it must be very hard to recognize or be on top of every holiday.. or Holy Day.

    Maybe Integrity got the hotel cheaper then? I know someone who is paying someone to go for them, because they are going on vacation then. It's far more important for them to get a Fall tan. LOL

  9. @Anonymous: Yes, it must be my fault for not saying anything last December.

  10. This is a pretty stupid mistake on their part. Very easily avoidable if you just look at any calendar too. It's quite obvious that the person who organizes this event is pretty junior - has he worked anywhere else besides integrity toys? - and unfamiliar with proper event planning. It's too bad because this is very, very disrespectful and shows a complete disregard for Jewish people and their obligations on a high holiday like this. But what do you expect from Mr. Self-Absorbed, lol.

  11. They just didn't want you to show up, LOL

  12. This is pretty much the way things are in America, if you don't celebrate Christmas & Easter, than your holidays don't matter. Every year when Christmas comes around, the entire country, including businesses, shuts down even though it's a religious holiday. When the Jewish holidays come around, you have to use vacation time to take those days off. While I did appreciate the day off, it still felt like the Christian holidays were the "important" ones, & anything I celebrated didn't mean much. Would it have killed Integrity to have the convention one week earlier or later?

  13. As a compensation IT should hold their next convention on Dec 24th-26th 2012.

    The following year maybe some Muslim or Hindu
    holiday would do nicely.

    Terri, thanks for writing about the importance of Yom Kippur.

    Unfortunately this day stays in my mind mainly because of that infamous synonymous war. Thinking of which: in the same second Moshe Dayan's name pops up in my memory.


  14. It must be frustrating to have to miss the convention, and I admire your conviction. I personally do not adhere to any religion (until the world religions recognize women as equal and women are able to become a Pope or a Rabbi for instance, I cannot). I am made to feel badly all the time and less than important because of this, but I realize I cannot change others, nor do I want to. Everyone is on their own journey in this world and everyone should be respected for their beliefs. Think of all the wars that would not have happened if we were all allowed to our beliefs! I do hope that this was not intentional, but perhaps contacting Integrity directly and asking for an explanation might ease your hurt. Whatever the answer at least you will know what their intention was, and can make an informed decision on whether or not you wish to deal with the ethics of this company. There are companies I no longer deal with for different reasons..I won't go into all that, as this comment already feels a little like a rant! :) But if this is truly about $, then if a company makes their customers unhappy they will lose their $. If a company alienates their customers, they will lose their profits...in this world, politically correct or not, money is power. But if you take away their money, you take away their power.

  15. It is unbelievable this is hapening... not a single person at IT notest this in advance?

    I don't understand the "anonymous" that apologise this in the comments above. There is no excuse, even if none of the persons at IT are Jewish, they are a company, they *have* to know these things, to avoid these situations. If they don't know, it is like incompetence - and this is no way to run a business.

    What if everyone at IT were Jewish, and they'd schedule the convention to December 24-26? What would the rest of the people think of that?

    They could partially "redeem" themselves by creating a nice absentee package though ^_^ hehehe!

    Is this beeing discussed anywhere else?

  16. I think large corps just don't think of anything but the bottom dollar signs and are oblivious to dates some time. "Halloween" is actually Samhain, one of the oldest holiday known and the Celtic New Year will a resurgence of reverence for as well as turned into a Christian holiday like Christmas, Easter, etc and so on to cover/integrate the pagan ones preceding it. I'm surprised someone didn't contact this company as soon as they saw the dates for the conventions as soon as they were posted to try and get them rescheduled.